Configuring your Prospect Widget (Prospect Fields, Custom Fields, Client Indexes, and Referral Types)


Configuring your Prospect Widget ensures that you get important information from prospects, such as names and email addresses. You can even add MINDBODY client indexes and custom fields.


Configuring your Prospect Widget

In this article we cover the following topics:


Basic Info Section

  • Title: This is only for your reference.
  • View: We have two views for the Prospect Widget. With the Compact view, the field labels are inside the field boxes. With the Stacked view, field labels are above the field boxes. You can see examples here.
  • Send E-mail Notifications: You can add up to three email addresses that will be notified when you have a new prospect. You must enter at least one email address.


Appearance Section

  • Button Text: You can change the text appearing on the submit button for your Prospect Widget.
  • No Default Styles: Check this option if you do not want any default CSS to be applied to this widget.
  • Base Style: We offer a default styling of the Prospect Widget, but you can remove this styling if you or your developer want to do something more specific.
  • Custom CSS: This is often used to customize the widget further. If you are not familiar with CSS, you can contact your developer or tech support for assistance. For instructions adding CSS, please reference this article.
  • Colors: These are color pickers. We have a tutorial for using these here


Other Advanced Options 

  • Comment Field: You can choose to hide or show the comment box here. If you do show the comment box, you can type out the text you would like to be inside by default, such as "Comments? Questions?"
  • Thank You Page URL: Here you can enter a URL for a custom "Thank You" page. This is helpful if you want to track clients using analytics. If this field is left blank, the Prospect Widget will redirect back to the page from which the widget was submitted.
  • Thank You Message Text: If the "Thank You Page URL" above is blank, this message will be displayed after the prospect submits the form.
  • Header Image: You can add an image above this widget, such as your business logo or a custom header.
  • Header text: This text is the title of the widget while on your website. For example: "Free Intro Offer."
  • Language: Choose which language this widget will display in. More details can be found here.


Advanced Options - Configuring Prospect Fields (required fields)

If the prospect does not fill in a required field, he or she will be alerted to fill in that field to continue.

  1. To make a field Required when a prospect fills out the widget, first you must log into HealCode and click "Manage Widgets."
  2. Next, go to your Prospect Widget and click "Edit"
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Options and click "Click here to see advanced options"
  4. Under Prospect Fields, adjust each field to Required, Not Required, or Don't Show.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save widget"


Your Prospect Widget will automatically update on your website.


Advanced Options - Add New Referral Type

  1. Log into MINDBODY
  2. Go to Clients > Referral Types
  3. Type the referral name you'd like to add in the "Name" box, make sure the "Active" box is checked, click "Add New Referral"


Advanced Options - Adjusting Current Referral Types

  1. Log into MINDBODY
  2. Go to Clients > Referral Types
  3. For any Referral Type you would like to disable, uncheck the "Active" checkbox
  4. If you are still seeing unwanted Referral Types, go to Clients > Referral Subtypes and uncheck the "Active" checkbox for any unwanted types


Advanced Options - Add New Drop-down Option (Client Index)

First we need to add the question, or whatever you'd like the down-down menu to say (ex. "What's your primary reason for coming?")

  1. Log into MINDBODY
  2. Go to Clients > Tools > Client Indexes (or Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Client Indexes)
  3. Type the question or prompt in "Name" box, make sure "Active" box is checked, make sure "Show in Consumer Mode?" is checked as well, click "Add New Client Index" on the right

Now, we'll add the options that will be associated with this new drop-down

  1. Go back to "Clients" in the main MINDBODY navigation then "Client Index Values" and click
  2. Just below where it says "Add a New Client Index Value" click on the drop-down menu and select the question or prompt that we just added
  3. Now, type in a value that corresponds (ex. For "What's your primary reason for coming?" I would put "Weight-loss" or "Increase flexibility" etc.)
  4. Make sure the "Active" box is checked and then click "Add New Index Value"
  5. To add another option simply repeat the process!


Advanced Options - Add New Text Box (Custom Field)

  1. Log into MINDBODY
  2. Go to Clients > Tools > Client Profile Custom Fields (or Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Client Profile Custom Fields)
  3. Type the question or prompt in "Name" box, make sure "Active" box is checked, and select a field type, click "Add New Client Custom Field" on the right


Updating Client Indexes and Custom Fields in HealCode

Always update these sections in your Prospect Widget control panel after you edit or add fields in MINDBODY

Log into HealCode, click Manage Widgets, then click on your Prospect Widget, so that you are now viewing the widget control panel

  • For Client Indexes: Go to Advanced Options > Client Indexes > click on "Update client indexes"
  • For Custom Fields: Go to Advanced Options > Custom Fields > click on "Update custom fields"



Additional Notes

  • You can connect this Prospect Widget to MailChimp using these instructions.
  • Learn how to make money using the Prospect Widget here.


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