What are HealCode Links™?


HealCode Links described

HealCode Links™ are links you put on your website to provide the following specific functions:

The Login|Register link provides a client the ability to log in and see their account information. Once in the My Account area, they can update their credit card, view their contact info, their schedule, their purchase history or their account balances. When the Login|Register Link is first clicked, it brings up the login screen of the HealCode Consumer Cart.

The Cart link provides a client the ability to view their cart and any items that are in it.

Buy Now link provides a client the ability to purchase a "Pricing Option" (as that term is used in MINDBODY) directly from your website.


Will HealCode Links work on my website?

HealCode links work on almost all web builders. WordPress, Squarespace, GoDaddy, and many more. There are a few web builders that don't support custom elements, which is the technology that our HealCode links utilize to operate. We've discovered the following web builders do not support our Links:

  • Association Web Pros
  • Jimdo
  • Shopify
  • Like Sew Websites


How to find HealCode Links in your HealCode account

You access the HealCode Links page by clicking the "Links" at the top of your HealCode account. Then, click on the name of the business. If you cannot see Buy Now Links, you will need to enable the Consumer Cart. See this FAQ for more information.

Click your studio name and site ID (if you have multiple MINDBODY sites attached to your HealCode account).


Examples of HealCode Links

On our demo site you can see both a Login|Register link and Buy Now links on this page: 

A "Login | Register" link

A variety of "Buy Now" links

Images of HealCode Link Examples


How to Deploy a HealCode Link

Deploying a HealCode Link will be different depending on your website builder. The process will also be different if you want to use an image as button, make a button using CSS, or if you just want a link. Start with this FAQ:

Creating and Installing a Link


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