Have multiple locations? Create widgets for each one.


If you have multiple locations or multiple MINDBODY sites it is very easy to set up a widget to only display schedule data for a specific location instead of ALL your locations.


  1. Go to HealCode > Widgets > Create New Widget
  2. Choose the widget type
  3. If you have more than one MINDBODY site in your HealCode account, select the MINDBODY site that this widget will be attached to. Note: Widgets can only be attached to a single MINDBODY site.

  4. Change the Widget Title to something that'll let you know what location that widget is for. For example, "Class Schedule LA"
  5. Click Create Your Widget at the bottom of the page.
  6. Now, scroll down to the Advanced Options > Locations. You'll see all of your locations listed out here. Check the options that you want to display in this widget.
  7. Now choose the Default Location. If you chose more than one location in the step above, this setting will determine which location will load when the widget initially loads. Your clients can browse other location information from the Schedule Widget by simply changing the "Location" dropdown menu in your Schedule Widget's filters.


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