Adding images to your Schedule Widget


This option works for all the Schedule Widget views except for Narrow/Mobile.

If you don't already have images for your classes, you'll need to upload them in your MINDBODY account (you can skip this section if you already have photos uploaded in MINDBODY):

  • Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings Class & Enrollment Management
  • Scroll down to one of the classes that is "in" your class schedule
  • Click "Edit"
  • Click "Advanced Options"
  • Scroll down to the Event Image and upload an image (keep in mind the image will be resized)
  • Repeat the above process in MINDBODY for each class that you would like to display an image in your Schedule Widget


Once you've uploaded photos, or if you already have them uploaded:

  • Login to HealCode:
  • Click "Manage widgets."
  • Click "Edit" next to your Schedule Widget
  • Scroll down to Advanced Options and click "Click here to see advanced options"
  • Go to the Class Images section and click the box so there's a checkmark
  • Click "Save widget"
  • Now, click "Preview" (make sure you clicked Save above before clicking preview)

  • On the preview, you may notice the images are too big. If that's the case, simply copy the following CSS code and paste it into the "Custom CSS" box on your Schedule Widget settings page (the same page you clicked "Preview" on)
.hc-class-image { width: 50%; height: 50%; }

Now, if the images are still too big, simply change each of the 50%'s above to something smaller such as 40%, 30%, etc. whatever works for you. Make sure you change both percentages.

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