Missing classes from your Schedule Widget?


There are five main possible causes of classes not showing up in your Schedule Widget

NOTE: This help document can also be used for missing workshops/courses/enrollments/events on the Enrollments widget and appointments on the Appointments widget.


1. The class is cached

Our schedule widget uses a technology called cacheing. What cacheing does is essentially "preload data." This enables it to load much more quickly, and the widget just checks back every so often to ensure nothing changed.

If you've recently added the missing class, it's possible our widget just hasn't found it yet.

There are two ways to resolve this. The first is just to wait. Within about an hour or two our widget should find the class. You can also force a sync. To do this navigate to the advanced options of the schedule widget. The very bottom option has a button that reads "sync data with MINDBODY." Hit that button, and that should resolve the issue.




2. In HealCode, options in the widget control panel are configured to hide the class

There is a very high probability that this is happening because in the Advanced Options section of your Schedule Widget, the Programs and/or Class Types and/or Staff Members have been selected and the missing classes' checkboxes have not.

In order to get those classes to display, you'll simply need to log into HealCode and click "manage widgets."


Click on the "Edit" button of the offending schedule widget.


Scroll to the Advanced Options section then click to expand the options.


Click to display the Programs, Class Types, and/or Session Types. In this example, you can also see that there is a Teachers section. We wouldn't need to mess with that section in this scenario as no teachers have been selected. We know this simply because it doesn't say "Teachers have been previously selected."

Please note: We recommend that you avoid filtering by more than one category. For example, it is better to filter ONLY by Programs or ONLY by Session Types. 


Then simply make sure to put a checkmark next to the items you WANT to display. So for example, if my "Yoga" classes were not displaying, I would simply need to put a checkmark next to "Yoga."


Once done, scroll to the bottom and click the "Save Widget" button. You also DO NOT have to re-install the widget code on your website. The changes take place automatically. 



3. In MINDBODY, the class has no assigned Service Category or Class Type


The widgets pull the Service Categories from MINDBODY, and thus the classes within those Service Categories. Classes that have no assigned Service Category are not going to be pulled into your widget. 

To resolve this follow these steps:

  • Log into MINDBODY
  • Go to your classes tab > select the class > click "Edit this Class/Event Description"
  • Next to Service Category, select the desired category from the drop-down list.
  • A Class Type must be selected as well for the class to display on your widget.
  • Click "Save"



4. The button for Show to Public is unchecked in MINDBODY

If everything is correct so far, we need to double check that we've allowed the class to be shown to the public. You can find this option under Edit Scheduled Class/Event screen for each class, in MINDBODY.


5. The Service Category of the class is Inactive in MINDBODY

If the Service Category of your class or enrollment is deactivated, but the class is still scheduled, you may still see the class in MINDBODY Consumer Mode but not in the widget. To resolve this, you would do the following:

  1. Go to MINDBODY
  2. Go to Home > Services & Pricing > select the appropriate tab for Classes, Enrollments, or Appointments
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click to show the Inactive Service Categories
  4. Click Activate 





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