What is the Schedule Widget?


What is a Schedule Widget?

This article is an introduction to HealCode’s Schedule Widget and some useful information for it.


What information does it pull from MINDBODY?

The Schedule Widget can display classes and enrollments from your MINDBODY account. Furthermore, you can adjust how it displays the instructor, time, date, class level, description, service category, and class type for those classes and enrollments. 


What are the different views?


There are 4 different views for the Schedule Widget: 


This is our standard table view, similar to the scheduler in MINDBODY. 

We recommend giving the widget a large area of space on your website when using this view

MINDBODY Classic by Group by Class Type

This is similar to the MINDBODY Classic view except this view will group your classes by class type in alphabetical order first, and then by time. 

This view is useful to studios that have a lot of classes within various class types so your clients can find the program easily and then the time that it is offered.

Calendar View

This view displays your classes/enrollments in a grid-like calendar form. Give this widget its own page because it requires a lot of space, especially if you offer class throughout the day. 

This widget is not recommended for studios that offer over 20 classes a day. If you still want to use this widget’s one of those studios and would like to still use this widget, create different widgets for your class types. 

Narrow/Mobile view

This view is what the widget looks like when viewed on a smart phone. If you’re using one of the views listed above the widget will autmoatically adjust to this view, no need to deploy this one as well. 

This view allows you to put the widget in a smaller space, like a sidebar, on your website. 


How many days can I display at a time?

This widget allows you to display 1-7 days worth of enrollments/classes at a time.


What other various ways can I use this widget?

Today’s Schedule on the Home Page

By setting the Time Frame to 1 day and changing the view to Narrow/Mobile, you can deploy your schedule on your home page so your clients can easily see what you have to offer for the day

Seasonal Schedule/Future Schedule

If your studio has not yet open or you would like to give your clients a preview of a future schedule you can adjust the Start Date in the Advanced Option section of the widget’s control panel


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