Some class descriptions and/or staff bios have different formatting than the others.


When clicking the name of a staff member of class on your Schedule Widget, you may be seeing that some staff member bios and class descriptions don't have the same font or font size as they should.

This is actually happening as a result of some HTML that has been added either automatically (more common) or manually (less common) to the staff bio or class description within your MINDBODY account and therefore must be changed in MINDBODY to get it to change on the HealCode widget.

These instructions can also be used for Enrollments Widgets, too.


Here is an example of what we are talking about. You can clearly see that the font size in the red box is larger than the font in the blue box.

To fix this, you'll have to make some adjustments to each and every class description and/or staff bio in your MINDBODY account that has this type of formatting. Please scroll down for instructions. 



The main thing you're looking to do is to remove HTML from the affected staff bio and/or class description. The only HTML that you can leave is <br /> and specifically <br /><br /> which is what you'll use between each paragraph.

There should be no other HTML within any staff bio or class description. This ensures a uniform look when the widget is loaded onto your website.

Please check out the following screencast showing an example of how to remove all HTML on a class description. You'll do these exact same steps for a staff member's bio, too.

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