Sign up buttons missing from your Schedule Widget?


Here are the most common causes of why Sign Up buttons would be missing from your Schedule Widget.


1. You haven't set up MINDBODY to "Allow Online Scheduling"

  • In your MINDBODY business account, go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Service Categories.
  • Enable "Allow online scheduling" for the desired Service Category and click "Save."

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2. The number of clients able to book online has been set to zero in MINDBODY.

  • In your MINDBODY business account, go to the Classes Tab or Enrollments (or Workshops) Tab and select the Class or Enrollment that is missing the Sign Up button. This will put you in the "Edit Schedule Class/Event page" for that class or enrollment.
  • Under Event Size, see if the number of clients who can book online is set to zero and adjust accordingly.



3. You are using membership-restricted (i.e. "members only") class sign up.

It's possible to set up in one's MINDBODY account that sign up for a particular class is only possible for clients holding a particular membership. Once MINDBODY has been configured that way, then Sign Up buttons won't appear on one's MINDBODY Consumer Mode page until the client has logged in. 

At this time, the Schedule Widget does not support this way of configuring one's MINDBODY account ...i.e. classes that only allow sign up for particular members will not show a sign up button on a HealCode Schedule Widget - whether or not they're logged in. We do not have an estimate at this time when this will be fixed; however, many clients decide to remove "members-only" sign up restrictions in the Membership Setup area of MINDBODY as a way to make the Schedule Widget have Sign Up buttons.

You can check if you have membership restrictions by doing the following:

  • Login to your MINDBODY Business Mode account
  • Go to your Classes tab
  • Find the class that is not displaying the buttons
  • Click on the gear to the right of the page for that class
  • Click "View client sign-up restrictions"
  • If you see an alert such as the one in the screenshot below, you have a membership restriction that would need to be removed for the buttons to appear



Feel free to submit a help ticket if one of the above did not resolve the issue.


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    Tanya Siejhi

    All of the above are selected correctly in my setting and my sign up button is still not showing up :( It was there yesterday

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