Customer already exists in MINDBODY and submitted their info again via Prospect Widget


Let's say Bob took a yoga class at your studio. You entered Bob's information into your MINDBODY account and that was that. Now, three months later, Bob goes to your website and sees your fancy HealCode Prospect Widget and decides he'd like to take advantage of one of your deals, so he enters in his information and submits it to you via the Prospect Widget, which in turn automatically adds Bob's information to your MINDBODY account. Thing is, you already have Bob's information because he took a class from you all those months ago! This is an example of how duplicate customers can be created in MINDBODY.

While there is no way to prevent this from happening (and though it is rare in the first place) there are two options:

  1. Use MINDBODY's "Merge Clients" feature (read more about the Merge Clients feature here)
  2. Simply reactivate the new record after you've decided how to move forward with this person

On top of that, HealCode automatically emails you to notify you that we believe there is a duplicate entry, which should help you in your quest to keep your MINDBODY account nice and duplicate-free!


How to reduce the amount of existing customers filling out the Prospect Widget:

Sometimes people will use your Prospect Widget as a contact form. This is fine, but some of those people may also be existing customers and, while not always possible, we want to avoid that.

We recommend giving your site visitors two options: Instead of just putting the Prospect Widget on your contact page, you should give your site visitors another option such as an email address and then separate the two.

You can see a live example of this here: Notice how they have two different sections. One is for current customers which they provide an email address and the other is for new customers and they're told to fill out the Prospect Widget.

You can easily set this up on your own Prospect Widget by adding the following HTML to the "Header Text" box on your Prospect Widget. You'd simply need to make adjustments so that the information such as email address below is yours:

<font size="3"><strong>Questions (if a current client):<br /><a href=""></a>
<br />
Questions (if interested in PUT YOUR STUDIO NAME HERE):

However, you don't always need to give customers the two options. If you're using the Prospect Widget as part of an introductory offer then the page the intro offer is on will typically be viewed by only new customers, so you can offer them JUST the Prospect Widget. 

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