Make money using your Prospect Widget


Watch our screencast to learn how to make money using your HealCode Prospect Widget! The techniques we go over are quite simple to implement and really do work.

"This is great! I think every client of MINDBODY's should use the HealCode Prospect Widget this way."
- Beverley Murphy, MINDBODY University Consultant
"I was astonished when we started using HealCode's Prospect Widget on our website. We started getting an average of one new prospect a day. It was amazing!" 
- Chris Blades, Co-owner, Charm City Yoga


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Call to action buttons

If you need some call to action buttons to help you get started, here you go! You are free to use these on your website and change them however you deem fit, though any changes or technical questions regarding how to place them on your site should be handled by you or your webmaster.

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