Common questions about the Prospect Widget


We often get asked some questions about the Prospect Widget, so we decided to create this document to answer some of them:


When a site visitor submits a Prospect Widget form, where does the data go?

They are added as "Clients" in your MINDBODY system. This means you can perform a client lookup and find them. Each time the Prospect Widget form is submitted, you will also receive a notification e-mail. The notification e-mail shows you the information that was submitted into the system as well as a couple other key pieces of information:

  • Comment is put into the Notes field
  • URL submitted - if you have the Prospect Widget deployed on multiple pages of your site, we let you know which page they submitted from
  • To ensure you are allowing prospects to be marked as such in your MINDBODY account, please follow these steps: Toolbox > Setup > Options > General Setup & Options then scroll to "Client Management" section and look for "Allow Individuals to be Prospects" and make sure the corresponding checkbox is checked.
  • You can find the prospects using this FAQ.

Is there a way to make the fields mandatory or required?

Yes! Simply go to your Prospect Widget from the HealCode manager, then scroll to "Advanced Options" where you will see just how much control you have over everything.


Is there a way to add a human verification feature to the Prospect Widget to help prevent submission spam?

Human verification is also referred to as the CAPTCHA. We have done one better. We use a honeypot or reverse human verification system on our form to attempt to detect robots.

A honeypot is not the same thing as a CAPTCHA. In fact, it's the opposite. There is a hidden field that robots/spambots fill out that humans don't. If the field isn't filled out, then we know the submitter of the form is a human. It has all the benefits of a CAPTCHA, except that your clients don't have to try to fill in annoying mis-shapen letters.

Neither are perfect, but it has been working pretty well for our clients. You can read more about the philosophy behind honeypots here:


Is there a way to change the "How did you hear about us?" options?

Yes. Those are controlled by the Referral Types field in your MINDBODY account. Any active referral types will show in the Prospect Widget.


Can I add other questions to my Prospect Widget?

Yes, you can add additional questions by adding Client Indexes in your MINDBODY account. Any Client Index set in MINDBODY to "Active" and "Show in Consumer Mode" is now available to the Prospect Widget. Using this info, you can configure the Prospect Widget to show that Client Index in the widget's output or to hide that Client Index and not use it. You can additionally set it to hide the Client Index from showing up in the widget's output but at the same time set it to a default. These questions are all shown as "single select" questions in which a site visitor has to select an answer from a drop-down list. Clients with multiple locations can create Client Index Values of the locations of their business and can automatically know which of their locations the widget was filled out on.


Can I add any open-ended questions?

Yes! There is an optional open-ended Comment field, and you can change the text on the question. So for instance, instead of "Comment", you can change the text to "Describe any physical limitations you may have" or anything you want. However, the Comment field does not get automatically added to your MINDBODY account, it is only e-mailed to you in the notification e-mail. So you may have to add it manually in your Contact Logs.

In addition to this, you can add Custom Fields in your MINDBODY account. Like Client Indexes, you can configure the Prospect Widget to show or hide each Custom Field.


Can I hide a field in my Prospect Widget?

Yes, simply go to Advanced Options and set whatever you don't want to display as "Don't show."

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