How to find out where your prospects are coming from


Let's say you have a Prospect Widget on both your contact page on your website and on your blog. You may want to know how many people come in from each of those specifically. Follow the steps below to set this up:


1. Adding a New Client Index in MINDBODY

First you'll need to add a new client index with client index values that correspond to the different pages your Prospect Widgets are on.

Make a Client Index and title it "Source" (this means the "source" of the prospect entry) and then, based on my example of having Prospect Widgets on my contact page and blog, the Client Index Values would be "blog" and "website."

To see how to add Client Indexes and Client Index Values, please check out these instructions under the "Add New Drop-down Option (Client Index)" section:


2. Configuring Your Prospect Widget

Once you've added the necessary client indexes and client index values you'll want to log into your HealCode account here and click "Manage Widgets."

  • Click on one of your Prospect Widgets.
  • Now, scroll to the Advanced Options section and click
  • Then scroll to Client Indexes and click Update client indexes.
  •  After you do that you should see the new client index you added
  • Now, we just need to set that client index value in the following manner:
Mode: Hide and Use
Style: Dropdown (though it doesn't matter since it's not going to display anyway)
Default Value: set this to the client index value of the page you've installed the prospect widget on
  • Now, go to the bottom of the page and click Save widget


3. Remove the Client Index from Your Registration Widgets

  • Visit each Registration Widget control panel
  • Go to Advanced Options > Client Indexes
  • Set the mode of the client index to Hide and don't use


4. Finding the Prospects Based on the Source

After these changes have been made to each of your Prospect Widgets you'll be able to see the client index value that was automatically selected behind-the-scenes of each Prospect Widget when viewing the record in MINDBODY.

You can run an Advanced client lookup in MINDBODY to search for your clients based on the source.

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