Using a Prospect Widget for multiple locations


If you have multiple locations and want a Prospect Widget for each one there are two options:

Option 1

  1. Create a Client Index named "Location" in your MINDBODY account.
  2. Create Client Index values of your location names. For example, if you had two locations with one called North Studio and the other called South Studio you'd create a Client Index Value for each location.
  3. Then set that Client Index "Location" to "Show" in the Advanced Options section of the Prospect Widget

Now your clients will have to select which location they're interested in.

To find the prospects once they've been entered into your MINDBODY account, you can do a Client Lookup in MINDBODY using that Locations Client Index.


Option 2

  1. Create a Prospect Widget for each location you want a Prospect Widget for and titled them something like "Location 1 - Prospect Widget" etc. so that you know which is which when looking at your HealCode account.
  2. For each Prospect Widget, go to its settings by clicking on its name then go into Advanced Options and set the Client Index "Mode" to "Hide and Use." You also have to set its Default Value to whatever the location name is.
  3. Repeat this for all other Prospect Widgets making sure to change the Default Value to the location that it pertains to.
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