What is the Prospect Widget?


HealCode’s Prospect Widget is a sales lead-generation tool you place on your website. 

The most common way to use the Prospect Widget is on a Contact Us page. It gives your prospects an alternative way to get in touch with you – beyond just showing up at your studio, calling you or emailing you. Using the Prospect Widget on a Contact Us page will be a helpful addition to your business and virtually all HealCode clients who use the Prospect Widget use it in this way.


What happens when a client uses the Prospect Widget?

When a prospect visiting your site inputs his or her information – a new client record is created in your MINDBODY account. At the same time, up to 3 email addresses of your business are sent an email that also contains this prospect’s information. The email is the way you get alerted that you have a new prospect in your MINDBODY system.


How can the Prospect Widget help my business make money?

In a nutshell, it’s this: Use the Prospect Widget as a call-to-action in response to an intro offer. That’s a mouthful, so we’ll show you what that means by going to the homepage of our demo account, Healed Wellness.

On the Healed Wellness homepage, we have a New Client Special for $29. Realize you’d create an intro offer that was specific to your business and may not be at all like the one on Healed Wellness. For example, most yoga studios tell us that a month of classes for $39 is the intro offer they feel works best. A spa might offer a 60-minute massage to first-timers at a steep discount.

Let’s continue…

So as you can see, Healed Wellness has this offer in a very prominent place right on the homepage. This is the first part of the ‘how to make money with your Prospect Widget’ strategy.

Here’s the second part. Notice that underneath the offer is a 'Click Here!' link. Most companies who have an intro offer would place a 'buy now' button there – but putting a get started button there instead is a much better idea. Here’s why.

When prospects click on the get started button, they're taken to a 'New Client Special' page where instead of being given the chance to 'Buy Now' they’re given the option of either 'buying now' or filling out the HealCode Prospect Widget so that your business will contact them.

Here’s the important thing to realize and it’s a psychological one: Those prospects who will 'buy now,' call you or show up at your business are not the sum of all prospects. We don’t have hard statistics, but there’s a good chance they're half of all prospects. The other half – absent an input form like the HealCode Prospect Widget – will just go away. But when there is a Prospect Widget form there – the prospect will usually fill it out.

There are 2 simple reasons for this. First, it's likely they have some fear about trying your type of class or service. This fear, of course, is something you can alleviate with a quick call back to them. Second – and more simply – they want you to work to get them as a client. Your call shows them you're interested in their coming to your space. JoyMoves, a Pilates studio in Austin, Texas, tells us that they successfully close prospects – that is, 'sell them the intro offer' – over the phone when they call them back – about 90% of the time.

So that's it. Using the HealCode Prospect as a call-to-action on a landing page that is the destination of an intro offer that’s placed on your homepage – is a way to make more money than would otherwise be the case. In the case of JoyMoves, they consistently generate many hundreds of dollars each month from this strategy. They are a single location Pilates studio and feel that this money would otherwise not have come in.


The Prospect Widget supports Constant Contact & MailChimp integration

As you know, when a prospect fills out the Prospect Widget and clicks the "Submit" button, our server sends them a notification email and creates a new profile in the client's MINDBODY account. Well, if the MINDBODY client has enabled Constant Contact integration, then the email address for the prospect is now automatically pushed into the client's Constant Contact account. 


You can determine which fields are required and which to show

This can be done on a field-by-field basis ...e.g. clients can make the Phone Number field required or not. They can additionally decide not to show a field that is not required.


You can use the Prospect Widget to do newsletter or e-mail opt-in

Basically, if a client configured the widget so that the E-mail address was the only required field and they also set it up not to show any other fields (such as First Name, Last Name, Phone, etc...), then it would only show the E-mail address field. They could then put in text in the Prospect Widget 'header' along the lines of "Sign up for our Newsletter." Then, of course, if they also had Constant Contact integration enabled in their MINDBODY account they'd get the dual benefit of a new record in MINDBODY and the email address automatically pushed into their Constant Contact list.


Client Indexes can be customized

Any Client Index set in MINDBODY to "Active" and "Show in Consumer Mode" is now available to the Prospect Widget. Using this info, the client can configure the Prospect Widget to show that Client Index in the widget's output .....to hide that Client Index and not use it. They can additionally set it to hide the Client Index from showing up in the widget's output but at the same time set it to a default. Clients with multiple locations like this because they can create Client Index Values of the locations of their business and can automatically know which of their locations the widget was filled out on.

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