Adding or Hiding staff in a Staff List Widget


1. Make sure staff information has been added to MINDBODY

  1. Log into your MINDBODY account
  2. Go to Home > Staff
  3. Click Add Staff and enter the desired staff information
  4. Make sure that this staff member has both a biography and a photograph
  5. Once those items have been added, click Save
  6. You may need to wait about an hour for the new staff member to appear on the HealCode side.


2. Filter your HealCode Staff List Widget to show the desired staff members

  1. Login to HealCode and click Manage Widgets
  2. Click on the Title of your Staff List Widget
  3. Scroll to Advanced Options and click to toggle the menu
  4. Click Show Teachers
  5. Put a checkmark next to the staff you WANT to display then click the Save Widget button

Note: If you ever add a new staff member to your MINDBODY account and want them to display on your Staff List widget, you will have to go to your Staff List widget and make sure they have a checkmark next to their name.

Additionally, if you add a new staff member to your Staff List widget by adding a checkmark next to their name, you will NOT have to re-paste the widget code onto your website. The name will automatically show up on it within an hour.


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