Do some of your staff bios/class descriptions look different than others?


To fix this, you'll simply need to do the following in your MINDBODY account for each bio and description. This fix also works for class descriptions and staff bios in Schedule Widget popups and also the descriptions for workshops/enrollments on the Enrollments Widget as well.

Step 1

  • Copy the offending bio/description from MINDBODY
  • On your computer, open a plain text editor like "TextEdit" on a Mac or "Notepad" on a PC. Make sure that all formatting is turned off so that it's "plain text." Note: Setting it to plain text is VERY important.
  • Paste the bio/description in there and then delete ALL spaces between paragraphs so that the paragraphs are one under the other without any space.
  • Now, copy the bio/description from the text editor and paste it back into MINDBODY and then save it.

Step 2

  • Now, go to HealCode.
  • Once in HealCode, click on the widget you want to edit.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the widget's settings page and click the save button. This will force the widget to go to MINDBODY to grab the updated bio/description).

That should fix the issue, but if it doesn't, please let us know and include specific information such as what class/staff member bio still doesn't look correct.

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