Missing classes on the Class List Widget?


Classes might be missing from your Class List Widget for the following reasons:


Reason 1

Only classes that are scheduled to happen within the next month from the current date will display on the Class List Widget.


Reason 2 

In the Advanced Options section of the Class List Widget's control panel, you may have selected a subset of the Programs you offer. This means that classes associated with a Program that has not been selected would not appear.


Reason 3

Also in the Advanced Options section, you may have selected a subset of "Teachers". If that's the case, do an "Uncheck All" followed by clicking the "Save Widget" button.

It's best if you don't check any of the teacher checkboxes so that the widget will show classes no matter who teaches them.

Note: If you do this, you do not need to re-paste the widget code onto your website if you have already done so. The widget on your site will update to reflect the changes just made.


Solution to Reason 2 & 3

To make sure the correct classes are set to display, please follow these directions:

  1. Log into HealCode
  2. Click Manage Widgets
  3. Click on the Title of your Class List widget
  4. Scroll to Advanced Options and click to open them
  5. Click on "Show Programs" and "Show Teachers"
  6. Make sure everything you want to show up on the widget has a checkmark in its checkbox OR click "Uncheck all"
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save
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