Classes that are canceled in MINDBODY still showing up in the Class List Widget



The reason the Class List Widget shows classes you think you canceled in MINDBODY is due to an idiosyncrasy in how different parts of MINDBODY software works. We describe the idiosyncrasy below, and also how to fix the issue.

The background to the issue is that you've canceled all future occurrences of a particular class from a certain date forward in its "Edit Scheduled Class/Event" screen. And you think that doing that has "canceled the class." It hasn't. It has canceled all future occurrences of the class, but not actually canceled the class.

The idiosyncrasy issue is that the class is still considered to be an "active" class by the part of MINDBODY's software - known as its API software - that sends information to our Class List Widget. You can see that they're active since it will still appear on the "Manage Schedules" screen in your MINDBODY account.


First, check if a class is still "active" in the "Manage Schedules" screen

  • Log into MINDBODY
  • Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Manage Schedules
  • Now, if you go to the Manage Schedules screen and don't see the class in question, you'll need to click on the "Filters" link on the upper left of that screen and change the "Status" to "All statuses"


Next, prevent the class from appearing in the Class List Widget

  • You simply go to the "Edit Scheduled Class/Event" screen for the class and un-cancel (or delete) the canceled classes
  • You then change the End Date of the class to something before "today"
  • Note: If you cannot click "Save" you may have to remove the "Room"
  • Click "Save"

That will make the class not show up in Manage Schedules and then it won't show up in our Class List Widget. 


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