Getting a "Payment Method Not Active" error message?


For the HealCode Consumer Cart to function successfully in your account, you have to be using a supported Merchant Account Processor

If that's the case and you or your clients try to purchase something through the Consumer Cart and see "Payment Method Not Active" when you're going to through the purchase process, it's because the payment method for credit cards has not been made active in MINDBODY - in Business Mode - in your account - on the Payment Methods screen.

  • To find the Payment Methods screen in your MINDBODY account, go to: Home / Manager Tools / Settings / Payment Methods
  • Once there you will have to make sure the correct payment method has been activated. Typically it's this one: "Credit (Visa/MC)"
  • Check the Active checkbox and click Update.
  • You should also check the "Allow>$0?" checkbox and click Update.

Here's the screen so that you can see what it looks like:



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