How to enable/disable "We offer memberships/packages that are not available through this cart. Please contact us to purchase or get more info."


This message is an option because the Consumer Cart does not support the purchase of pricing options that are setup under "Contracts & Packages" in MINDBODY.

Please note: This only applies to purchasing the Contract or Package. Our Cart will allow your clients to book classes, enrollments, and appointments using a contract or package (if Online Booking is enabled).


This green message informs your clients that if they are looking to purchase a Contract or Package, they would need to contact your studio to make the purchase. After they contact you to purchase the Contract or Package, they can proceed with booking using the Cart.


How to enable/disable this option in HealCode

  1. Login to HealCode
  2. Go to Site Settings
  3. Under E-Commerce, check or uncheck Memberships/packages messaging as desired (checking will display the message in the Cart, unchecking will hide the message)


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