Appointment times showing up every 5, 10 or 15 mins? Here's the fix.


This is what we're talking about just to make sure this is the issue you're having:


When clients search for appointments using the HealCode Appointments Widget and the appointments that come back as being available are too numerous - e.g. every 5, 10 or 15 minutes, rather than on the half-hour or hour - the issue is with how you've configured your appointment availability in MINDBODY. And it's easily fixed.


You'll need to make two changes to your MINDBODY account to resolve this situation. The first page you need to go to is here:

  • In MINDBODY Business Mode, go to: Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Appointment Options

  • Once you get to this screen, click Expand All.
  • Look for the Appointment System Policies area. In that area, click the checkbox to "Restrict Client Booked Appointments to Bold Times."

  • Then click "Update" on the upper right side of this page.


Next you will set up "Active (Bold)" times

  • In MINDBODY Business Mode, go to: Home > Manager Tools > Settings > 'Scheduling Increments'

  • Once on that page, you'll see an "Active Times For" drop down filter on that page in the upper top center of the screen
  • Select the Session Type on that drop-down that you are having the issue with. It's going to be something like, "Personal Training" or "Private session" or "Massage" - or something like that.
  • On this page, you want to make sure that the "00" or both the "00" and "30" columns are "Active (Bold)." You do that by clicking on a checkbox until they get to that setting...and clicking "Update" at the bottom of the screen afterwards.

MINDBODY also has help documents on this step here:


That combination of steps should resolve the issue. Keep in mind that your webpage may be cached and changes could take up to an hour to display.

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