Using MailChimp with your Registration Widget


Adding MailChimp to your HealCode account will only affect the Prospect and Registration Widgets as they are the widgets that collect email addresses. The setup instructions are the same for each of those widgets.

When someone fills out the widget, their email address will be automatically added to the MailChimp list you select and a new client profile will be created in your MINDBODY account just as the widget has always done.

This only pertains to businesses that use MailChimp to manage their email lists.


Step 1

Log into your HealCode account at and click "Manage Widgets"


Step 2

In the "Your Connections" section at the right, click on the "Manage Connections" button.


Step 3

On the "Connect your account" page look for the MailChimp section, then click the "Connect your MailChimp account" link.


Step 4

Here, you just need to get your MailChimp API Key from MailChimp.

  • Look to the right and click on the "I don't know how to find my MailChimp API Key" link or click here. That will give you the instructions you need.
  • Once you have retrieved your API Key from MailChimp, go back to your HealCode account and paste it into the API Key text box.
  • Lastly, click the "Link MailChimp account" button.

Congratulations! Your MailChimp account is linked with your HealCode account. Now, you must configure your Registration Widget(s) to work with MailChimp.


Step 5

You will need to configure your Registration Widget(s) to send your clients' email addresses to the desired MailChimp List. Here's how you do that:

  • Starting in the Widget Dashboard, next to your Registration Widget, click "Edit."
  • In the "Basic Info Section" next to the option "MailChimp List" select the MailChimp list you want the emails to go into.
  • Make sure to click the "Save widget" button at the very bottom of the control panel to save your changes.

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