How to know who registered using the Registration Widget


You can keep track of who has registered using the Registration Widget in two ways.


Using Notification Emails

First, every time someone uses the Registration Widget, our server sends you a Notification Email. You can use that information to decide whether to contact the client.


Using a Client Index

The second way to know who has registered using the Registration Widget is through the use of a particular Client Index you can create in your MINDBODY account.


  1. To do this you'll need to create a Client Index in your MINDBODY account named, "How profile created." Make sure you check the "Active" and "Show in Consumer Mode" checkboxes in your MINDBODY account for that Client Index. After that Client Index has been created in your MINDBODY account, you'll want to create a Client Index Value for it named, "Using HealCode's Registration Widget." For instructions on how to create a Client Index in MINDBODY see this FAQ:
  2. After the Client Index and associated Client Index Value have been created you'll need to then go into your HealCode account, click "Manage Widgets" then click Edit for the Registration Widget.
  3. Once inside of your Registration Widget control panel, scroll down to the Advanced Options section and click to open that section.
  4. Once inside the Advanced Options section, click, Update Client Indexes. You'll then see the "How profile created" Client Index. We recommend that you set it to "Hide and Use" and set the default to "Using HealCode's Registration Widget."

That's it! Once that's done, every time you do a "Client Lookup" in MINDBODY, you can simply set the Client Index as part of the lookup to "Using HealCode's Registration Widget." You'd also want to set the date parameters in MINDBODY appropriately when doing the Client Lookup - i.e. you look up who has a profile that was created in a particular date range. You can then 'tag' those clients who come up with doing the lookup and export them in order to email them if you'd like to send them a welcome message. You could do this, say, once a week. Note, too, that you might need to click on "Filters" in the Client Lookup screen in MINDBODY in order to see the filtering options just described.

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