What is the Registration Widget?



What is the Registration Widget?

The basic function of the Registration Widget is to enable your studio to provide paperless client registration. After your client fills out the fields in the widget and clicks the "Register" button, a new profile is created for him or her in your MINDBODY account and his or her email address is automatically pushed into your Constant Contact account (assuming you've enabled Constant Contact integration in your MINDBODY account).

The best way to use this widget is on a webpage that's directly off the home page. You'll then have tablets and/or inexpensive laptops in the lobby that your clients can use to quickly register once they arrive at the studio. We recommend inexpensive Google Chromebooks that cost in the $200 range. Acer and Samsung are good options.




But some of your clients will want to register when they are not at your studio. For that, you'll want to make it easy to find by having a "Login|Register Link" in your site's navigation or header.

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