Is the information sent via the Registration Widget secure?


While the widget does not display any kind of security padlock, the information collected form the widget is secure.

The reason it does not and cannot display the padlock in the user's browser window is because the widget loads using JavaScript and even though the JavaScript is hosted on a secure server, it acts as an "outside element" on the website.

The website can display the padlock in the browser, but that's only if the website is hosted on a secure server and has the proper security certificates through its hosting provider. This has nothing to do with the widget. The widget could be placed on a non-secure website and still be secure as the information passing from the widget to MINDBODY is secured via the widget's hosting server.

In summary, our widgets are hosted on a secure server, but since they load from an external source onto the website, they cannot display any kind of secure badge such as the padlock in the browser window.


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