Adding a Health Intake Form to your Registration Widget


The basic function of the Registration Widget is to allow new clients to register with your business and, at the same time, to agree to your company's Liability Release waiver.

So that's good - however some gyms and studios also want their clients to fill out a health intake form when they are first signing up. And that's what this FAQ is about:

You can add Health Intake form questions to a Registration Widget by using "Client Custom Fields" from your MINDBODY account.

"Custom Fields" are fields you can set up in your MINDBODY account that will appear in your client's profile in MINDBODY.

Our Registration Widget includes Custom Fields so that the client fills them out while registering. Then their answers to your Custom Fields are automatically pushed into their new profile in your MINDBODY account.

Here's an example of a Registration Widget that includes Custom Fields:

And here's a screenshot from the Registration Widget above of the Custom Fields this client had set up in their MINDBODY account:


Setting up Custom Fields in MINDBODY is easy. Just see these instructions.

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