Using the Registration Widget to streamline Groupon, Living Social, etc. redemption


The Problem: Processing group deals is time-intensive

We've heard from many clients that processing their customers who have purchased a Groupon or other group deal offering is very time-intensive. The good news is that there's a way to make that process much more efficient by using our Registration Widget.


About the Registration Widget

The basic function of the Registration Widget is to allow new clients to register with your business and, at the same time, to agree to your company's Liability Release waiver. However, you can also extend the functionality of the Registration Widget by adding "Client Custom Fields" to it that you set up in your MINDBODY account. And you can use such a Custom Field to make it much more efficient for both your clients and yourself to redeem their group deal. This FAQ describes how.


Some background on Custom Fields

"Custom Fields" are literally that: Fields you can set up in your MINDBODY account that will appear in your client's profile in MINDBODY. We describe how to set up Custom Fields further down in this FAQ.

The thing our Registration Widget does is to include those Custom Fields in the widget so that the client fills them out while registering - and in doing so, the information they entered into the Custom Fields is automatically pushed into the newly created profile for them in your MINDBODY account.

The reason this can help streamline redemption of group deals like Groupon and Living Social is that you can create a Custom Field named something like the following:

Groupon barcode #


Living Social voucher #

Here's an example of a client doing that ( Notice the "Groupon Barcode #" Custom Field.



Here's how it all comes together

So by using the above Groupon Barcode # Custom Field, when the customer completes filling out the Registration Widget, a new profile is created for him or her in the studio's MINDBODY account - and the Groupon Barcode # field contains the number that the client entered.

Some staff member of the studio can then do the following:

  • Log into their Groupon Merchant Center account and enter that Barcode number for that client - which notes it as having been redeemed.
  • Sell the client a $0 version of the Groupon - so that the client can then sign up for classes (or whatever service the Groupon was for).
  • And email the client, alerting them to the fact that they are all set.


And setting up Custom Fields in MINDBODY is easy

  • Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Custom Client Profile Fields
  • Once on that screen, simply type in the name of the new field and select a "field type" - which will be "Number" if your goal, as in the case above, is the use it as a question for the person filling it out. You'll want to make sure the "Active" checkbox is checked and then click "Add New Client Custom Field."
  • You then go to your HealCode account and "Edit" your Registration Widget.
  • Scroll to the "Advanced Options" section and click on the link to open that section up.
  • In the "Custom Fields" area, click on the "Update custom fields" button.
  • Then, once you see your Custom Fields, you set their drop down menu mode as you desire.
  • Then click "Save" at the bottom.

And that's it. You'll then be all set.


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