Setting up a Thank You Message or Thank You Page URL


NOTE: Only applies to a registration on your website, and NOT within the cart

When someone clicks the Register button in the widget, 2 things can possibly happen:


Option 1 

A default "Thank you" message will display on the screen, which is customizable on the widget’s settings page.


To customize your message:

  1. Click Widgets in the navigation Bar 
  2. Select the Registration Widget installed on a webpage or Facebook
  3. Scroll down and click the text Advanced Options 
  4. Adjust the Thank You Message Text 
  5. Scroll down and click Save. 


Option 2 

Send your clients to a "Thank You" page or URL of your choice. They will be redirected to after clicking the form’s register button. 


Benefits of a "Thank You” Page

  • Encourage your clients to proceed with booking or to book again
  • Encourage your clients to purchase a pricing option
  • Track bookings/purchases with Google Analytics
  • Provide your clients with more information about your classes (FAQs)




How to set up a Thank You Page Redirect

  1. Create a new page on your website (usually called "Thank You")
    • Add all relevant information to the page
    • Make sure the page is viewable by the public
    • Ensure the page is hidden from the navigation
  2. Copy your new Thank You Page’s URL
  3. Click Widgets in the navigation Bar 
  4. Select the Registration Widget installed on a webpage or Facebook 
  5. Scroll down and click the text Advanced Option
  6. Paste the URL into the Thank You Page URL field
  7. Scroll down and click Save.


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