How to make make fields optional, not display, and/or required.


The Registration Widget will follow whatever settings you have in your MINDBODY account under the "Required Fields" section. However, any field not made to be required in MINDBODY can be set to either "show" or "hide" on your Registration Widget. Here is how to set all of this up.


In your MINDBODY account

First, make sure you have the fields you want to be required or not required set up correctly within your MINDBODY account by doing the following:

  • Log into your MINDBODY account
  • Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Required Fields
  • You will only be making your selections from the "Required in Consumer Mode" column
  • Click "Update"


In your HealCode account

  • Log into your HealCode account
  • Click "Manage Widgets"
  • Click "Edit" on the Registration Widget
  • Once in the control panel of that widget, scroll down to the Advanced Options section and click to open it
  •  The fields you set to be "Required" in MINDBODY will be required in the widget
  • Any of those that you didn't set to "Required" in MINDBODY you will be able to set to "Show" or "Hide" in the widget as shown below
  • Also, before you make your selections, please be sure to click the "Update required fields" button
  • After you've made your selections, scroll to the bottom and click "Save"



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