How to reduce duplicate profiles in your Registration Widget


Why are duplicates being created

When someone clicks on a Sign Up button on a HealCode widget that has our "Consumer Cart" enabled - such as the Schedule Widget, Enrollments Widget or Appointments Widget, they'll be presented with the option of logging in or registering as if they're a new client.

The key thing to know is that the "logging in" option is done with their MINDBODY Consumer Mode login - both the Consumer Mode username and password. Hence, If they have a MINDBODY Consumer Mode login, they should use it in the HealCode pop-up window, rather than registering as a new client.

What sometimes happens is that a person who is already a client of yours and has a profile in your MINDBODY account is nonetheless clicking to register as if they're a newbie. And that's why the duplicate profile is often created. It depends on which of the following occurs:

  • If someone registers as a new client at that moment and uses the same email address and same password as exists in the profile they already have in MINDBODY, then our software won't create a second profile for them in your MINDBODY account.

  • However, If they use the same email address but put in a different password then the one that's in the pre-existing profile in MINDBODY, then our software will create a second profile, because it's not sure if it's really the same person that already exists. And in that case, our server will send you a notification email alerting you to the fact that it believes a duplicate profile has been created in your MINDBODY account for a current client. That notification email we send you will have instructions on how to do a Merge Duplicate Client process.


So what can you do to minimize the number of times someone creates a duplicate profile?

Please see the following reasons for duplicates and their respective solution.


Reason 1

Your clients are used to logging into MINDBODY, and they don't know if their MINDBODY Consumer Mode login will still work or not in the HealCode Consumer Cart modal pop-up window they're in. That is, they're not realizing our Consumer Cart is a front-end to your MINDBODY account. And, of course, why would they realize that?

Suggestion 1: Put the following line of text above the HealCode widget on the webpage.

"If you have an existing MINDBODY login and password, you can use it in the Sign Up pop-up window when signing up for a class below. There's no need to create a new account."

Suggestion 2: Send out an email to your clients about the new software

Try sending out an email to your clients clarifying how to use the Consumer Cart; you can even use the example below.


We recently upgraded our software. We still use a company called MINDBODY for our back-end system; however, we now have a new interface for it on our website. Please, though, still use your MINDBODY username/email and password to log in via our new interface. There's no need to register anew, as that might result in two profiles for you in our system, which would take some manual intervention on our part to fix.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Reason 2

Your business is creating a new profile for a first-time end-customer client when logged in in MINDBODY Business Mode. This profile contains only a minimal set of information - such as first name, last name, phone and email address. It might also contain a credit card. However, it doesn't have a login assigned and the end-customer has not yet agreed to the liability release or provided their mailing address.

Here's how this process can lead to a duplicate profile being created.

After this profile has been created by the staff member in Business Mode, the end-customer then fills out the HealCode Registration Widget in the HealCode Consumer Cart modal window. When doing that, they input what they'd like their password to be for their login - and that action results in a duplicate profile being created in the studio's MINDBODY account. This duplicate, then, has to be merged by the staff member.

Suggestion 1: Inform clients of their login information using email or the MINDBODY Welcome email

If a person fills out our Registration Widget and inputs the same exact email address and password as already exists in a pre-existing profile in MINDBODY, then our software will simply update that profile, rather than creating a new one - a duplicate - that has to be merged.

Here is a refinement to staff member's initial profile creation process which can be implemented quite easily and which will not result in the duplicate profile being created.

When you first create the new client profile in MINDBODY in Business Mode, change your process slightly to the following.

Create their profile as you do now, but create them a login ...i.e. besides inputting their email address into their newly created profile, click "setup" underneath their email address and then on the next screen create for them what is essentially a temporary password. A simple protocol for the temporary password would be to use their fist name followed by the numbers 1234 ...e.g. "sarah1234"

When you email them, mention that they have a new profile that's not completely setup yet. Tell them that their username and password are (for example):

Password: jane1234

Then either give them the link to our Registration Widget on your site ...or tell them to click Create New Account in our Consumer Cart modal window and to use the above Username and password when going through the process.

If they do that - i.e. re-register using the same exact email address and password as exists in their current profile in MINDBODY - then our software will just update that pre-existing profile. Hence, you'll have gotten them to provide you the additional information that you wanted via our Registration Widget and had them to agree to the Liability Release that's in the Registration Widget.

Suggestion 2: Inform clients that they can use the "Forgot Password" link to create a password

This can be done by adding a message directly onto your website above the widget.

If you already have booked a class/appointment in the past, please click the "Forgot Password" link to create your password.



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