How to only receive Registration Widget Notification Emails where Action is Required


Whenever someone fills out your registration widget, it will send an email to whatever email addresses have been entered into the Notification boxes of that widget. If no emails have been added then it will send the email to the email address for the HealCode account.

Additionally, there are two versions of that notification email that could be sent - one of which you don't really need to receive as it doesn't require any action from you. However, the other type of email does indeed require you to take some action such as merging a client's duplicate profile, etc. 


Here is what you'd use to setup the rules

There are two potential emails that you'd receive as stated above:

[Action Required] - If the email has this at the end of it that means it's a duplicate client profile and you should merge them. It may also mean other important things, so these are the emails you should want to receive.

[No Action Required] - If the Registration Widget is sure that it's a totally new person you'll receive an email with "[No Action Required]" at the end of it. These emails you don't really need and can use email rules for as stated above. So you'd take the "[No Action Required]" text (including the brackets) and create an email rule for it so that emails containing the phrase [No Action Required] are automatically deleted since you do not need to take any action on them.


If you don't want to receive the [No Action Required] email notification you can add a rule to your email service that tells it to delete them automatically. That part is up to you as all email clients are different (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), but here are some instructions we found that might help.

Apple Mail: 

And here is what the actual subject line looks like for a [No Action Required] email.



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