How to connect your MINDBODY account to branded web (no Activation Code needed)


How to activate

1. Login to the branded web manager

2. Click "Activate MINDBODY Site"

3. Enter in the OWNER login information for your MINDBODY account here in this window. Note: Do not leave this page. In the "Email/Username" field you will enter the word owner or the owner email address. If you do not know this information, you can get it from MINDBODY directly.

4. Enter the password associated with your owner account and click "Log In"


5. Once you've entered in your owner login information, you'll see the "Activation Successful" message on this page within the MINDBODY window. 

Note: You do not need to enter an Activation Code, that automatically happens when you enter your login information.

6. The last step! Simply click on the "Verify HealCode Connection" button and then "Success!"

Note: In rare cases, you may not see the "Activation Successful" message in MINDBODY. Try clicking the "Verify HealCode Connection" button anyway.


What might cause issues

  • Not using the password for the "owner" username or associated email address
  • Not using "owner" as the username
  • Are a franchisee (solution is to contact franchisor)
  • Typed in the wrong Site ID - and this case includes the fact that it might be a "negative" version of the site like -23254 instead of 23254
  • You need to refresh the page
  • You need to click the "Success" button


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