Test drive a Schedule Widget


Note: This help document is mainly for non-customers. If you're already a HealCode customer, you can test drive your own widgets! :)

If you are interested in using HealCode's widgets but are concerned they'll be too technical for you to figure out or too difficult to get working, then you can "test drive" one ahead of time. Here's how...

We created a demo class schedule in our HealCode account on MINDBODY. We then created a Schedule Widget for these classes. The Javascript code for our HealCode fake class schedule is below. You can just paste it onto your website somewhere in order to see the schedule it generates. If you are unsure how to paste Javascript onto your website, take a look at this screencast.

<script src="https://widgets.healcode.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<healcode-widget data-type="schedules" data-widget-partner="mb" data-widget-id="2722924ca8b" data-widget-version="0.1"></healcode-widget>
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