Common Questions about Branded Web, our Widgets, and our Mobile Apps


What are widgets and why are they good for me?

“Widgets” are really just software. HealCode makes widgets that take your MINDBODY data and put it directly onto your website or Facebook page – such as your class schedule, workshops, appointments, and more. Clients can see what is available and sign up, book, or buy directly from your website. We also have widgets that aid in the prospect/customer signup and efficiency process – which helps your business generate extra revenue.

Furthermore, the widgets can be customized to match the look and feel of your site – thus providing a more consistent experience for your website visitors.

Lastly, with widgets you only have to change things in your MINDBODY account. The widgets do the job of reflecting your latest MINDBODY data on your website. This saves you time and makes your website more accurate.


Which widgets should I use?

Prospect Widget - Every MINDBODY business should use this. It’s a form you can put on your website that prospects can use to ask for you to contact them. People who fill it out get entered as prospects directly in your MINDBODY account. No more cutting and pasting from e-mail! It can also be used as part of a strategy that generates extra revenue.

Schedule Widget - For businesses that have “classes” in MINDBODY.

Enrollments Widget - If you offer “workshops” or “events”, then you’ll also want this widget.

Appointments Widget - If you offer any type of “one-on-one personal services” – such as massage, personal training sessions, or Pilates privates.

Staff List and Class List Widgets - Displays your instructors and class descriptions as well as shows when they are available. These are also very useful.

Registration Widget - Paperless client registration right on your website.


How much are the widgets and where do I signup?


This is fully dependent on your MINDBODY subscription, and please reach out to for more information.

Can I pay for the widgets through my MINDBODY account?

Yes, the cost of Branded Web will be added to your current MINDBODY subscription plan.


How do I install them, or does HealCode do that? Is it hard to install them?

Installing them is very easy – it’s basically a copy and paste of a handful of lines of code you get from your account with us. You find this code in the control panel for each widget in your HealCode account. You or your web developer will paste the code in the places on your website where you would like the widgets to display. Once implemented on your website, you can make changes to things like classes or teachers in your MINDBODY account, and the widgets automatically update with that new information.

Before adding the widgets to your website, please watch our guided tour of the manager to learn more about using your Branded Web Widgets.


Can my web developer handle this for me?

Absolutely! This is a frequent occurrence. When you do your purchase just forward your account login info to your web developer and have them take over.


How long does the whole process take? – meaning, how long does it take to set these up on my website?

Some of our clients purchase, configure, customize and get the widgets on their website in about 30 minutes. For most clients, though, it takes a couple days, since they work on it then move onto other tasks…and then get back to it.


If I’m opening my studio in about a month – and getting my website and MINDBODY account set up – when should I buy the widgets?

We recommend going ahead and buying the widgets now. This is because you want to take into account in your website design how you’ll best use the widgets. However, if you wait until a couple weeks before launch, you can still purchase the widgets and have enough time to integrate them.


Who do I call for tech support?

Branded Web technical support is done online only. Branded Web has several FAQ articles that can help you in our Knowledge Base. You can also enter help tickets to ask for technical support here from our support team. We reply to most requests within 24 hours. For more complicated issues, we may request to schedule a phone call with you if required to help speed up the process.

If you are a new client, you can setup a free orientation call. During that call, we can answer your questions.  

Can you make the widgets look like my website? Is that included? How is it done?

The colors, fonts, borders, backgrounds, and more can be customized to match the look and feel of your website. This can be accomplished in multiple ways. There is full access to what’s called “the CSS code” in each widget’s control panel. Either our tech support team can customize your widget’s CSS code or you can. Obviously, your web developer can do this as well. We do such customizations at no charge. If you’re not technical, you can still set the colors by using the color picker in the widget’s control panel to set the colors for the various things in a widget.


Can the mobile apps be customized with my colors, business logos, and business name?

Yes. When you build the mobile app, you can choose the app's name and submit your business logo. You can learn more about building the mobile apps here. To color customize your apps, please contact technical support here.


But MINDBODY says they can customize my MINDBODY schedule to look like my site. So is this the same as what Branded Web does?

It’s not the same. On the class schedule tab on your MINDBODY page, MINDBODY can match some of your website’s colors to a limited degree, however, remember – that’s on a MINDBODY page and not on your website.

Our widgets allow your clients to stay on your website and look at a schedule that looks like your site. They don’t even realize they’re looking at a schedule that’s generated by a software program. This has significant benefits – one of which is that our widgets don’t take up the whole page their on. Hence, you can use “real estate” that’s left over to advertise an intro offer to prospects who visit your site. We describe how you can make extra money doing just that in this FAQ.


Is getting the widgets onto Facebook included?

Yes! Facebook Widget Apps are included. More information here.


What languages are available? How do I translate the widgets?

English, French, Spanish and German are currently available, and we expect to offer support for other languages soon. You can adjust your widget's language with this FAQ. That said, you can modify many of the words used in our Schedule Widget using the Hot Words (Language Settings) in your MINDBODY account. We wrote this FAQ to show how to do that: Hot Words FAQ.


Are there mobile versions of the widgets?

Yes! All the widgets are mobile-friendly and will convert to a mobile format when viewed from a mobile device. Mobile-Friendly Widgets


Who are you Branded Web guys anyway, and how do I know you’ll be around for a while if I decide to use you?

HealCode was founded in 2008. All of the founders have an extensive background in high-tech – in both software and systems. The company is self-funded and turned profitable in 2011. In 2016 we were bought by MINDBODY and rebranded as Branded Web Tools.


I use WordPress – do they work on WordPress?

The widgets work great on sites (i.e. not sites hosted by Wordpress). Most clients host WordPress sites elsewhere – such as on GoDaddy – and those are fine also. We wrote this FAQ on how to install the widgets on sites. So far as we know, our widgets work with all major CMSs (i.e. Content Management Systems).


How do I keep updated on new products and features?

We maintain an email list of clients to whom we send product updates about once a month. We also email prospects about once a month.

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