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  4. Classes (Schedule Widget and Apps)
  5. Enrollments (Enrollment Widget and Apps)
  6. Appointments (Appointment Widget and Apps)
  7. The Staff List Widget
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Known Issues for MINDBODY's API

If you're unfamiliar with MINDBODY's API, the API is a piece of software that we (and all of MINDBODY's partners use) to integrate with and access your MINDBODY account. You can think of it like a translator between HealCode and your MINDBODY account. There are a few things that this translator (the API) doesn't understand, and thus, cannot correctly provide us with the information. Because of this, the below issues will be across all of our products.

We don't have a definitive timeline when these will be resolved. We do know that MINDBODY is working on a brand new API that should resolve all of the below issues. We're unsure how far out this is from being released to us. 

Issue 1: Gift Cards

The Consumer Cart does not currently support the purchase or redemption of gift cards, though it is something we will be adding in the future once the API supports it.


Issue 2: "Contracts & Packages" are not yet supported.

If selling Contracts or Packages is essential for your business, we recommend disabling the Consumer Cart. We've attached detailed instructions here. This will reroute clients to your MINDBODY account when they complete the purchase. We offer other workarounds for Contracts here.

Please note that while clients cannot purchase Contracts or Packages via our Consumer Cart, they can use existing Contracts or Packages on their account to book classes, enrollments, or appointments. This issue only refers to the sale of such items - not their consumption.

We are working with MINDBODY on this issue and hope to rectify it within this calendar year 2016.

*Packages does not refer to services such as a 10 class pack. It does refer to mixing services such as 5 appointments, 3 enrollments, and 10 classes.
Issue 3: We don't support class sign up for "members-only" classes.
At this time, the Consumer Cart does not support classes that only allow sign up for particular members. We do not have an estimate at this time when this will be fixed.
Issue 4Clients can still sign up for enrollments despite membership restrictions being in place
Our widget will display a "Sign Up" button regardless of whether or not there is a membership restriction in place. This is a bug in MINDBODY's API software. The API doesn't communicate the restriction to our software, thus causing us to display the button in error. Our developers are also working in tandem with MINDBODY's developers to reach a resolution. MINDBODY has assigned bug #45918 to this issue. 
Issue 5:  We don't support waitlists for enrollments.
Waitlisted classes are fine. Once the enrollment is fully booked, your signup button will disappear, and your client won't be able to get on the waitlist. This is an issue with the information our software receives for the IsEnrollmentsAvailable call for GetEnrollments from the API.

Issue 6: Only the first scheduled event is bookable for a Course

Let's say you've created a Course in MINDBODY comprised of five enrollments and you have configured the Course so that clients can sign up for between one and five of the enrollments. The issue is that after the client clicks the Sign Up button and is taken to MINDBODY they will see that they can only sign up for the first of the enrollments.

There is currently no workaround for this. Our developers are working with MINDBODY to fix this issue. MINDBODY has not yet assigned a bug tracking number to this issue.


Known Issues for the HealCode Consumer Cart 

Issue 1: The Consumer Cart only works in the following countries (for now):

For the HealCode Consumer Cart to function successfully in your HealCode account, you must be using one of the Merchant Account Processors below*:

USA - Works with any MINDBODY-supported Merchant Account Processor

Australia & New Zealand - only if you're using EziDebit as your Merchant Account Processor

Canada - only if you're using Bluefin/Elavon, Optimal/Paysafe, Netbanx, or PayConex as your Merchant Account Processor

UK - only if you're using Optimal/Paysafe or Adyen as your Merchant Account Processors

EU - only if you're using Optimal/Paysafe or Adyen as your Merchant Account Processors

Israel - only if you're using Adyen as your Merchant Account Processor

*This information may be out of date. For the most up to date information, we strongly recommend contacting MINDBODY as and asking, "What Merchant Account Processors are supported by the API in [my country]."


Issue 2: The Consumer Cart doesn't filter out "members-only" Pricing Options.

At this time, the Consumer Cart will display all pricing options to members and non-members. In other words, it will be showing "members-only" Pricing Options to non-members. However, non-members will not be able to purchase the pricing options. We do not have an estimate at this time when this will be fixed.


Issue 3: The Enrollments Widget doesn't support Date Forward Enrollment or Open Enrollment when using the Consumer Cart.

At this time, if you use the Date Forward Enrollment or Open Enrollment settings in an enrollment in MINDBODY, the Consumer Cart won't respect those settings. While we do not have an estimate at this time when this will be fixed, the workaround is to deactivate the Consumer Cart for your account. Instructions can be found here.


Issue 4: The Enrollments Widget doesn't support Payment Plans when using the Consumer Cart.

At this time, if you set up a Payment Plan for an enrollment in MINDBODY, that Payment Plan won't show up in the Consumer Cart as an option for how to pay for the enrollment.

While we do not have an estimate at this time when support will be implemented, one workaround is to setup a "deposit" pricing option that the client can initially use to book the enrollment. However, you would still need to ensure the client pays for the rest of the enrollment at a later date.

Another workaround is to deactivate the Consumer Cart for your account. Instructions can be found here.


Issue 5: Allowing "unpaid class registrations" in MINDBODY Consumer Mode still offers an option for the client to pay. Our Consumer Cart doesn't.

It's possible to set up MINDBODY Consumer Mode so that clients can register for classes unpaid. When a client signs up for the class, MINDBODY Consumer Mode still offers them the option to purchase something (in addition to the option to sign up unpaid).

At this time, the Consumer Cart does not mimic these two choices. It will enroll the client unpaid and will not offer them the option to purchase.


Issue 6: Clients unable to accrue rewards points or use credit they have "on account."

The HealCode Consumer Cart does not currently support clients' accruing rewards points or using credit they have on account towards the purchase of Pricing Options.


Issue 7: Members Discounts are not supported by the Consumer Cart. Members will be charged the original price when purchasing through the Cart.


Issue 8: The purchase of physical products are not supported yet.  

Known Issues for Classes (Schedule Widget & Apps)

Issue 1: The Schedule Widget doesn't currently support membership-restricted (i.e. "members only") class sign up.

See API issue #3


Issue 2: The Schedule Widget, when configured to use HealCode's Consumer Cart, doesn't support signing up another person.

MINDBODY's Consumer Mode has a feature where one client can reserve a spot in a class for another. When using our Consumer Cart, that feature is not supported. Clients can only reserve a spot for themselves in a class.

The workaround, if that feature is essential for the studio, is to deactivate the Consumer Cart in the studio's HealCode account so that clients are routed back to the studio's MINDBODY account when they're signing up for classes. Once there, they'll be able to reserve a spot for another person. This will only work for Widgets.


Known Issues for Enrollments (Widgets & Apps)

Issue 1: Only the first scheduled event is bookable for a Course

See API issue #6.


Issue 2: Clients can still sign up for enrollments despite membership restrictions being in place

See API Issue #4


Issue 3: Clients cannot book enrollments that are setup in MINDBODY to have "Open Enrollment" or "Date Forward Enrollment" enabled.


Issue 4: Signup buttons may display until the end of an enrollment if"Open Enrollment" or "Date Forward Enrollment" is enabled.

Even if your signup period is set to end prior to the end, signup buttons will still display. If a customer clicks a Signup button on HealCode after the signup period has ended, the MINDBODY system will prevent them from actually signing up. This is another issue being addressed by MINDBODY's API team. 


Issue 5:  We don't support waitlists for enrollments.

See API Issue #5. 


Known Issues for Appointments (Widgets and Apps) 

Issue 1: If you don't use the HealCode Cart, then the following issue exists with the Appointments Widget - not the app. 

Let's say a client decides she'd like to book a 1:00PM Nutrition session with a nutritionist named Dave on December 3rd.

After doing the search and clicking on the signup button in the HealCode Appointments Widget, she is then routed over to your MINDBODY account. Here she is redirected to MINDBODY to complete booking the appointment she selected. The issue is that once she has logged in, MINDBODY's software will not have retained what she'd selected back in the HealCode Appointments Widget; hence, once logged into MINDBODY, she will then have to do the search over.

This is a bug in within MINDBODY's code and how our software communicates with it. The issue has been reported to MINDBODY here: MINDBODY Support 


Issue 2: We do not support the MINDBODY option, "Private Lesson Start by Booking Time."


Known Issues for the Staff List Widget

There are no known issues with the Staff List Widget.


Known Issues for the Class List Widget

Issue 1: Due to a mismatch between MINDBODY and the MINDBODY API, the Class List Widget will receive and display classes that have been canceled in MINDBODY. Fortunately, we have an easy solution for this issue here.


Issue 2: If the Class List Widget is filtered by "Teachers" in the Advanced Options section of the HealCode Manager, classes/enrollments may be hidden unexpectedly.


Known Issues for the Prospect List Widget*

Issue 1: Duplicate profiles can be created when the Prospect widget is used by clients that already have a MINDBODY profile. While there is no way to prevent this from happening (and though it is rare in the first place) there are two options:

  1. Use MINDBODY's "Merge Clients" feature (read more about the Merge Clients feature here)
  2. Simply reactivate the new record after you've decided how to move forward with this person

On top of that, HealCode automatically emails you to notify you that we believe there is a duplicate entry, which should help you in your quest to keep your MINDBODY account nice and duplicate-free! Here are ways to reduce the amount of existing customers filling out the Prospect Widget.


Issue 2: The Prospect Widget will add inaccurate information as a placeholder for any enabled MINDBODY Requires Fields that aren’t included within our Prospect Fields. For example, if you have work phone number enabled as a required field our Prospect Widget will fill that field with a number like 555-555-5555 in order to successfully process the request.

*These issues may also affect the Registration Widget.


Known Issues for Registration (Widget and Apps)

Issue 1: We do not support MINDBODY's Relationships at this time.


Known Issues for HealCode apps

Issue 1: We do not support a 24-hour time format on our apps as of now.


Issue 2: Pricing options on Android cannot be sorted. They will be listed in order from least to most. This is a feature we hope to integrate in the near future.


Issue 3: The ordering of appointments cannot be sorted at this time. This is another feature on the coming soon list.


Issue 4: Our apps have the ability to add an appointment time to your smart phone's calendar. On iOS, we've had some rare issues with it adding the incorrect time (on the phone - the appointment time in MINDBODY is correct). This has varied from client to client and likely won't affect your apps. We've assigned this as work item number 94908158


Issue 5: Account credit is not supported by our Cart. See Issue #6 in the Cart section.



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