Modal (popup) windows for trainer bios and class descriptions not opening


Intended Audience

  • This document is for people with an understanding of Javascript libraries.
  • Requires basic understanding of _JQuery_ and/or _Prototype_ Javascript libraries.
  • Learn more about [Jquery]( and [Prototype](

If you're having trouble understanding, that's fine! You may need to send this to your webmaster.


If you are having a problem with your HealCode widget where clicking on a trainer or class name doesn't open a modal window (popup) to display the expected info, then this article is for you. This is an example of what we expect to see:


Sites that utilize the JQuery Javascript library are having issues where the popup modalbox is not displaying. The reason for this is that JQuery conflicts with the Prototype Library in use by HealCode.


It is a simple change, but needs to occur on your site. Please forward this note to your developers so that the can take a look at the following link:

Note: In a future version of HealCode, we will be updating our code to use the _JQuery_ library, and we will update this article at that time.

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