Healcode says there are no scheduled classes


If your schedule widget shows that you don't have any classes or says "No Classes Found", i.e., it looks something like this in the Preview :


This typically happens when you first create your account and widget. There are a couple things you can check:

  1. Make sure you created your classes correctly in the MINDBODY Business Mode interface and that you can see them in MINDBODY Consumer Mode. If you cannot see your classes in MINDBODY Consumer Mode, we won't be able to retrieve them in HealCode.
  2. Next make sure you entered your MINDBODY API Authorization information correctly in HealCode.
  3. Finally, when you create your Schedule Widget you must associate an Authorization for your widget. Once yourAuthorization has been selected and you save your widget, there is one more step in which you have to select at least one Location for this widget. If you don't select a location, you will get the message above. This is the most common reason you would not be able to see your schedule data.
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