How to perform an Emergency Schedule Update


Just make a change to your schedule in MINDBODY that you want reflected ASAP? Does this change take place within the next 30 days? If so, you can perform an emergency update which can update your schedule immediately from today to within 30 days of today.

Before we continue...

Please keep in mind that your Schedule Widget already AUTOMATICALLY updates on the following schedule, so there's no need to do an emergency update every time you make a change in MINDBODY:

  • Today and tomorrow's classes update about once an hour.
  • The next week of classes update about every 12 hours.
  • The next month of classes update every night.
  • The next 3 months of classes update once a week.

How to perform an Emergency Update

Log into your HealCode account at

Click on the Schedule Widget you'd like to update

Locate the "Emergency Update" section to the right

Click on the text field to display the calendar. Choose the date you'd like your schedule to update to. (Please note that the more days you choose the longer it will take to update.)



Now, click "Update"

That's it! Your schedule should now be updated to whatever date you picked.

Something to remember:

Holiday Classes

If you marked classes as Holidays in MINDBODY they will still show up on your Schedule Widget even after you perform this update. To find out how to hide those classes, please see this help document:

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