When and how often does my Schedule Widget update?


The Schedule Widget pulls data from MINDBODY on a timed schedule. In order to make efficient use of MINDBODY's API (the tool MINDBODY provides us to retrieve your data), we pull your data down according to the following schedule:

  • Today and tomorrow's classes update about once every 4 hours.
  • The next week of classes update about every 12 hours.
  • The next month of classes update every night.
  • The next 3 months of classes update once a week.

What this means is that if you make a change to your schedule in MINDBODY, whether that be a class time, cancellation, trainer or sub-trainer change, etc, when those changes show up in HealCode is based on the schedule above.

"What if I need to make an "emergency" update?"

The time will come when you need to make an urgent update and you can't wait until the natural class update. No problem! Click here to find out how it's done.

What about Trainer photos?

If you make a change to a trainer's photo, that update takes place overnight, and you will need to wait until the following day to see that change.

What is a Schedule Cache?

In order to make Schedule Widget respond faster when your visitors access it on your website, we use a "caching" strategy (pronounced "cashing"). This means that when one of your site visitors visits your schedule widget page, we save your schedule on our server. Then when any future visitor comes to your site, instead of looking up all the data for your schedule, we simply use the cached copy on our server.

When an update occurs in your schedule data, according to the data updating strategy described above, the cache is automatically cleared. However, in some very rare instances, schedule page still looks incorrect. In those instances, you can click the link in the HealCode Manager on the right side of the Schedule Widget configuration page to clear your cache file.

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