"The Workshop Workaround"; Adding Workshops to your Schedule Widget


ATTN: We now offer an "ENROLLMENTS WIDGET" that displays workshops, enrollments, series, etc. You DO NOT need to do this workaround anymore.


The HealCode Schedule Widget is a very useful and powerful tool, but its current capability is to display your MINDBODY Classes in varying customizable formats on your website. However, we have received several requests from businesses that would also like to display their MINDBODY Workshops (also known as Courses or Enrollments) in their Schedule Widget.

We are currently working on a Workshop Widget, but while we work on it, we came up with a temporary workaround solution that you can implement if you'd like in the meantime. This is a "workaround", and it will require a couple extra steps in order to make it work properly. But since HealCode follows the primary principle of "always make forward progress", we consider this better than any currently available alternative and therefore we recommend it to anyone who would like to display Workshops via their website. So without further ado, we present "The Workshop Workaround".

The Workshop Workaround

The idea/concept of their workaround is that we will need to re-create or duplicate all of your Workshops as Classes and add them to your schedule in MINDBODY. However, we won't be making these Classes available for Online Scheduling. This forces the site visitor to go to the MINDBODY Workshop page in order to schedule this workshop online.

NOTE: You are not removing any of your existing Workshops/Enrollments! This workaround is meant to display your workshop on the class schedule and then re-direct the client to your Workshop Tab.

Preliminary Steps

Before you go through this article, you should already have Workshops/Courses set up in your MINDBODY account in accordance with the Workshops section of the MINDBODY Help Suite:http://training.mindbodyonline.com/manual/workshops. Once you are set with that, follow the step below.

  1. Log into your MINDBODY account in Business Mode.
  2. From the main MINDBODY menu, navigate to Toolbox > Services > Programs.
  3. Click Add New Program, select Class as the Program Type. Then type "Class Workshops" as the Program Name. DO NOT check Allow Online Scheduling (i.e. leave it unchecked). Then click the Add New Program button.
  4. From the main MINDBODY menu, navigate to Toolbox > Services > Class Type Setup.
  5. Click Add New Class Type, select Class Workshops as the Program. Then type "Class Workshops" as the Name. Then click the Add New Class Type button.

Replicating Your Workshops as Classes

Once you have completed all of the preliminary steps above, you can now replicate your Workshops as Classes.

Before you replicate your workshops as classes, go to your Links & Shortcuts screen to copy the Direct Link to your Workshops tab.

  1. In MINDBODY, navigate to Toolbox > Setup > Links and Shortcuts
  2. Choose Workshops in the Select Tab dropdown.
  3. Highlight and copy the Direct Link on that page. It should look something like the following:https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ws.asp?studioID=...
  4. Open a Word Doc or new Notepad window and paste the direct link into the document. Keep that document open as you will use this link in the next steps. It will be referred to as the [WORKSHOP_LINK].

For each Workshop in your system, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. From the main MINDBODY menu, navigate to Toolbox > Services > Class & Event Management.
  2. Click Add New Class/Event at the top right of the page.
  3. Select Class Workshops as the Program.
  4. Class Name: We recommend this should be "Workshop: {same name as workshop} (click to signup)"
  5. Class Type: Select Class Workshops.
  6. Use the same Description that you used when creating your Workshop. BUT, before clicking Add New, add the following link into the description field:

    <a href="[WORKSHOP_LINK]" target="_blank">Signup for Workshops</a>

    For the [WORKSHOP _LINK] portion, replace the direct link from above in its place. Example:

    <a href=”https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ws.asp?studioID=xxxx“ target=”_blank”>Signup for Workshops</a>
  7. Schedule your classes for the same days that your Workshop is scheduled for.

That's it! Once you schedule the classes, you will need to wait a few hours for HealCode to pick up the changes, but by the next day or so, you should see them integrated into your HealCode schedule!

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