How to configure a Schedule Widget


This is where your HealCode Schedule Widget gives you the power to select exactly what information you'd like to show up on your schedule. It's as simple as selecting a few checkboxes.

Note: Configuring your schedule widget is not the same as customizing the colors or font sizes. That is done by either editing some CSS, or by our easy-to-use color pickers.

To configure your Schedule Widget:

1. Log into HealCode

2. From the Dashboard, click on the schedule widget you'd like to edit (or create a new schedule widget if you don't yet have one)

3. On this page you'll see all the configuration options. Once you've selected the options you'd like displayed on your schedule, simply click "Save Schedule"

Please make sure to select some of the checkboxes under "Info to display" as if you leave it blank your schedule will not display anything at all. We recommend "Staff" and "Class".


4. Scroll down to where it says "Code for schedule" and click on the Preview button to see what your schedule will look like on the internet.

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