How to create different schedules for specific classes (i.e. just yoga, just pilates, etc.)


Note: In order to complete this tutorial, you will need to have access to the admin section of your website in order to make changes to links/URLs.

URL Filtering

All that URL filtering does is automatically select a specific class, or classes, from the dropdown list of classes on your schedule so that only those specific classes are displayed instead of all of your classes.

Please also note that you do not need to create a new schedule widget for each class. You can reuse the code snippet from your one schedule widget on multiple pages. The class filtering is done in the URL and not the code, which you will see in a moment.


First, we need to make sure that you are displaying the "class type" drop-down filter on your schedule. To do this, log into your HealCode account, click "Schedule Widgets" then the particular schedule you'd like to edit, and then scroll down to "Display Filters" and make sure that "Class Type" is checked as displayed below.


The Concept and Example

Just for an example, let's say you have two types of classes: Yoga and Pilates. Currently, both of these classes display on the same schedule, but let's say you want to create two different pages on your website, one dedicated to yoga and the other dedicated to pilates.

The links you may use for this would be something like:


Each of those pages will have a schedule widget on it, but you want the schedule to either display yoga or pilates classes only and not both.

What we want to do is take a look at the class drop-down menu as displayed below.


In our made up studio, the drop-down for all classes would list yoga and pilates. Your HealCode account's drop-down will obviously list out whatever classes you offer.

So, all we really need to do is to add one thing to the end of each URL that I typed out above and that's "?visit_type=" and then the name of the class we want to display.


Filtering Multiple Classes on One Schedule

Now, let's say you offer multiple yoga classes with different names and want them to appear on your yoga-only schedule. That's easy. All you do is add each class name to the URL and separate them by a comma.

So for example, if you had yoga and pregnancy yoga the URL would look like:,pregnancy_yoga

Tip: When putting your class names in the URL, use underscores whenever there's a space such as "pregnancy_yoga" instead of "pregnancy yoga."


So that's it. From your website editing software, simply add "?visit_type=" to the end of the URL and then the names of the classes you'd like to display.

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