Overriding Trainer Bio and Class Description links in the Schedule Widget


The default behavior of the Schedule Widget is such that if you click the Trainer Name or the Class Description field, it will open a small popup "modal" window which will show the bio or description from your MINDBODY account.

However, in certain circumstances, you may want to override this functionality. If you have created your own trainer bio pages, then you may want to use those pages instead of the popup window when the link is clicked. Or if you have made your own class description pages, you may similarly want to use those pages when the link in clicked.

In order to do this, you need to do 3 things:

  1. In your MINDBODY account, you will need to edit the Trainer Bios or Class Descriptions for all of your trainers or classes. You should place the URL of your trainer or class description page in the appropriate trainer bio or class description field respectively. That link should be the only content placed into that field: no additional text, HTML, or other text should be used.
  2. In MINDBODY every single class and/or staff has to have a URL in the bio/description field or this feature won't work and will cause your schedule widget not load. Seriously, you must have a URL in every single bio/description for every single class and/or staff depending upon which one of those you want linked to your own page. You can do either one or both, that's up to you.
  3. Open a help ticket and let us know which one (or both) you'd like us to make active for you (staff and/or class links) we'll implement them for you!
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