How to hide classes and/or make class type specific class list widgets


Currently, the Class List Widget will display ALL of your active and live classes. If you want to create separate Class List Widgets for different class types (one for Yoga, one for Pilates, etc.) you'll simply need to hide the classes you don't want to display using the simple method outlined in the video below.

Of course, you'll see to first create the new Class List Widgets. For example, if you want a Pilates-only Class List you'll need to create a new Class List widget and title it "Pilates" and then you'll preview your new Class List and hide all the classes you see EXCEPT the pilates classes since those are the ones you obviously want to display.

Typically, you can count on the required class name CSS to be whatever the class name is except replace any spaces with underscores. For example: Beginner Pilates would be beginner_pilates.

Therefore the CSS would look like this:

div.healcode .beginner_pilates {
  display: none;

I use Safari's "Inspect" tool to see the relevant class names in the code generated by the widget, but you can also use FireFox's "FireBug" or any other similar tool as well.

Just let us know if you have any questions about this.

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