How does the Class List Widget determine which classes to show and can I reorder them?


How we decide which classes to display:

The Class List widget was originally created as a supposed convenience for studio owners to display their "current active" classes. By "currently active", we mean that the Class (not Workshop or Appointment, mind you, just Class) is scheduled to be offered in MINDBODY sometime in the next 3 months.

The original idea was that if you maintain your Classes and your Schedule in your MINDBODY business mode, then we would take care of your Class List on your website. As a studio owner, if you stop offering a class, start offering a new class, or change the class name, description, etc, we look to remove them from the Class List widget.

Even if a Class is created in your MINDBODY business account, it will not show up in your HealCode Staff List Widget unless they scheduled to be offered in MINDBODY.

The data for the Class List Widget is updated each time the Schedule data is updated, so if you make changes to your class name or description, it will update when the Schedule Widget updates. This is mostly a point of confusion for people who just created their HealCode account.

Note: If you have a Class that is not scheduled in the next 3 months that is showing up in your Class List Widget or vice versa, let us know via a help ticket and we will look into it for you.

How classes are ordered:

Currently, we only display classes in alphabetical order by first name. In a future widget release we may offer different ways to customize this order, but for right now it's simply alphabetical.

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