API Authorization failure - what to do


If you get an email from our system with the above title it means that our system recently reported an API Authorization error in your account. This happens when the API Authorization inputted into your healcode.com account doesn't match the correct/actual one in your MINDBODY account. Most often this happens when a client incorrectly enters the API Authorization when initially setting up the account. However, it can also happen if you have an incorrect API password in your MINDBODY account, or if you change your MINDBODY API Authorization "in" MINDBODY and don't update it "in" your healcode.com account.

To fix this you'll need to redo the process of creating and entering your API Authorization - going into MINDBODY and making sure you've complied with their rules for setting up an API password - then getting the API Authorization items "from" your MINDBODY account and entering them "into" your healcode.com account. For additional information you can watch the screencast on this page: Creating your API Authorization

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