How to create different staff list widgets (just staff who teach yoga, just staff who teach pilates, etc.)


Currently, the only way to accomplish this is to create multiple staff list widgets in your HealCode account and then title them the appropriate department. After that, in the custom CSS box, you'll simply need to hide ALL staff members that don't belong in that department. You'll have to do that for each staff list widget you create.

The CSS you'll use to hide each of the staff members that don't belong is rather simple. Let's say you need to hide someone named Steve Martin from your Tennis staff list widget. All you'd do is load up the Tennis staff list widget, click inside the "Custom CSS" box, and place the following CSS in it:

div.healcode .steve_martin {
  display: none;

That's right, for any space in someone's name you just put an underscore, so Steve Martin is actually an all lowercase steve_martin. Also, don't forget the period in front it so that it's .steve_martin as shown above.

Now, let's say you realize there's another staff member that you forgot to hide from the Tennis staff list. You'd simply add them like so:

div.healcode .steve_martin,
div.healcode .jay_leno {
  display: none;

Notice that I put a comma after Steve Martin's name and that I didn't put a comma after Jay Leno's. You place a comma for every new line except the last one.

So that's it! Just do that for each staff list widget you'd like and you'll be all set.

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