Understanding "Mobile-friendly widgets" versus "Mobile Apps."


Some of our clients are confused by the two different terms "Mobile-friendly widgets" versus "Mobile Apps." In this FAQ we'll describe what each of these terms means.


What are mobile-friendly widgets?

A "Widget" is a piece of software code that you place on your website. Once installed, it updates to reflect changes you make from your MINDBODY account on your website. We have many different types of widgets and they work on many types of websites such as WordPress, Squarespace and so on.

When we say that widgets are "mobile-friendly" what we mean is that if you view a widget on a page on your website using a browser like Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or Android phone the widget will look like a mobile version of itself. In other words, the widget on a webpage detects that it's being viewed from a phone and adjusts itself to look mobile. Here's another FAQ where we go over this.


Note that the mobile-friendly capability of our widgets is included in your monthly widget subscription fee. You don't have to pay extra for it.


Then what are Mobile Apps?

Mobile-friendly widgets are not the same as "mobile apps." Mobile Apps from HealCode are customizable, downloadable apps from the iTunes and Google Play app stores. They are not viewed from a web browser, but rather they are opened directly from the home screen of an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.


So do you need Mobile Apps if you have Mobile-friendly widgets?

Absolutely! It comes down to this:

If you have a website, you'll benefit from the fact that the widgets are mobile-friendly, for the simple reason that over half your website visitors probably visit from their iPhone or Android phone. However, due to the ubiquity of iPhones and Android phones, people have become accustomed to downloading and using custom mobile apps. So we also recommend that HealCode clients add our branded mobile apps to their plan.

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