Promoting your Mobile App and turning off the MINDBODY App from being promoted


If you are a client of HealCode's Mobile Apps, you should make this change in your MINDBODY account so that the MINDBODY App is not inadvertently promoted to your clients.


    1. Log into your MINDBODY Business Mode account using your owner credentials. Note: you may have a login that has owner permissions but does not use "owner" as the Username.
    2. Click the Home tab.
    3. Click Manger Tools on the right.
    4. Click Settings v
    5. Click Business Information

  1. Click the name of your location.
  2. Scroll down to 2. List your business on the MINDBODY app.
  3. Uncheck Promote the app with my clients
  4. Save


And that's it. Now you can promote your branded mobile app to your clients.

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