Uploading Icon and Launch images


Uploading Images

In order to submit your app to the app store, we'll need to collect 3 images. Two of these images will be your icon at different sizes; one will be your launch screen for iOS.

Additional requirements:

  • Images must be in the .png format
  • Images must not contain transparency
  • Images must be the exact pixel dimensions


Need Help? 

Send us the largest version of the images you want to use through a support ticket and we'll format and upload your images for you at no additional cost! 

Seeing errors?


Icon Images

Icon ( 114px x 114px ):


The icon image will be the image that appears on your customers' phones. 


Please note: The app stores will automatically round the corners for you so avoid submitting any images with rounded corners as this will cause gaps in your image once published.  Tip: Try to avoid any icon images that contain a lot of text as it will be too small to read once the icon shows up on your clients' phones. 


App store icon ( 512px x 512px ):


This is the image that appears on your page in the app stores:







Launch image ( retina displays 640px x 960px ):


The launch image appears after your customer clicks your icon for about 1-3 seconds while your data loads and fills the screen. A lot of our customers use their logo here, a variation of their logo, a shot of their studio, or an action shot. 


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